TEAM main success factor is its human capital. TEAM has more than 30 full time consultants, besides 200 part time consultants offering training services using a specific methodology determined through our clients human capital needs and within TEAM’s policy to respond to these needs starting by acquiring modern managerial skills, developing attitudes and behavioural management and knowledge & technology transfer.

Over the years, TEAM has designed, produced, and delivered over thirty thousand training programs in support of its Human Resources Development Strategy.  The infrastructure TEAM has built to sustain high training standards is unique for the region, including one of the largest training centers of its kind in the Arab World located in Cairo, Egypt, comprising twenty-five fully equipped training halls with computer laboratories, reference libraries, print shops, and multimedia production labs and studios.

TEAM offers its training services through centralized training programs & trailer-made training programs to meet the client requirements and training needs. TEAM trained more than five hundred thousand Arab managers. In order to present the latest advances in management development and training, TEAM annually conducts a conference to discuss the most up-to-date international developments in HRM & HCM and their implications on the Arab region.

Selected Projects

·   On The Job Training  & Strategies Design:

     Pilot Training Scheme For Restructuring / Spinning & Weaving Public Enterprises, EU 

     Mission & Vision Statements, and Strategies Design / Dallah El-Baraka Group of Companies

·   A Comprehensive Study For Human Resources Planning & Development:

     Egyptian Electricity Authority – Egypt

     General Organization For Sanitary Drainage (GOSD) – Egypt

     Ministry Of Health & Population (MOHP) – Egypt

     Saudi Airlines – Saudi Arabia

     Kuwaiti  Airlines – Kuwait

     SCECO East, Saudi Arabia

     National Oil Company, Libya 

·   Human Resources Development Programs:

     Saudi Telecommunication Company – Saudi Arabia

     GAPCO – Egypt

     Public Works Department – Emirates

     Saserf AL-Jobail – Saudi Arabia

     The Egyptian German Company For Food Stuff (Fine Foods) – Egypt

     Pepsi Cola International – Egypt

     Sert Company – Libya

     Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning – Sudan

     Small & Medium Size Private Enterprises – Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen

     Commonwealth Countries / Ministry of  Foreign Affairs – Egypt

     Nile Oil Company – Sudan

     Ministry of Education & Youth  – Emirates

     Suez Canal Authority – Egypt

·  Organization of The Training Department / Saudi Airlines, Saudi Arabia

·  Training Needs Assessment Study & Management Training:

      National Water & Sanitation Authority – Yemen

      Global Napi – Egypt

      University of Science & Technology – Yemen

      Ministry of Industry & Electricity – Saudi Arabia

·  Development of Competency based Training Curricula / Jeddah Governorate

·  Management Training For Small Enterprises For Women /  National Council For Woman, Egypt

·  Setting-Up of a Vocational Training Center / Riyadh Electricity Company & Suburbs, Saudi Arabia

·  Feasibility Study For Establishing a Vocational Training Center / The Electricity Corporation, Saudi Arabia

·  Training Center of Management & Preparation / National Authority For Saudi Railroad, Saudi Arabia

·  Arabization of Training Materials / SCECO East, Saudi Arabia

·  Training Needs Assessment Study in The Power Companies / Ministry of Industry & Electricity, Saudi Arabia

·  Cost Recovery For Health Project (CRHP) / Ministry of Health & USAID, Egypt

·  Health Sector Reform Project / Ministry of Health & Population, Egypt

·  Irrigation Systems Management Project / Ministry of Public Works & Water Resources  – Egypt

·  Management Training Programs / Council of The Chambers of Commerce – Saudi Arabia

·  Needs Assessment Study For Vocational Training Center / Association of  6th  of October Industrial City, GTZ, Egypt

·  Technical & Management Training / EU, Egypt

·  Management Development For Productivity / Hael Said Anam & Co.

·  Organizational Development (OD) Workshop / Nestle’ International – Basamh For Trade, Saudi Arabia

·  Training Needs Assessment Study / Egyptian Environmental Agency & DANIDA, Egypt

·  Institutional Strengthening Project / National Water & Sanitation Authority – Yemen

·  Management, Economic & Financial Reform in Yemeni Governmental Bodies /  British Council, Yemen

·  Operations & Maintenance Training For Aden Sewerage / KFW, Yemen