Human Resource Strategy


  •  Needs Assessment
  • Personnel Planning
  • Personnel Development Strategy
  • Recruitment and Remuneration Strategy


Human Resource Planning


  • Human Resource Studies
  • Job Structures
  • Job Descriptions
  • Job Evaluation and Assessment
  • Career Planning


Training Programs


  • Designing and Evaluating Training Plans
  • Assessing Training Programs
  • Designing Training Material and Multimedia Aids
  • Conducting Training Programs and Seminars
  • Training of Trainers and Coaches
  • Information Technology Training
  • Management of International Human Resource Development Conferences
  • Professional Manager Diploma



Training Centers


  • Infrastructure Need Analysis
  • Engineering Design of Training Centers
  • Physical Requirements Planning
  • Supervision of Construction and Furnishing
  • Management of Training Centers




TEAM offers professional training programs covering several sectors which include Banking, Insurance, Petroleum, Industry, Power, Public Services, Government and Private Sectors.

Major Training Topics:

           Strategic Planning

           Information Technology

           Performance Balance Score Cards

           Financial Management

           Personnel Management

           Behavioral Skills

           Time Management

           Competency Based Training

           Managerial Skills

           Office Administration and Management

           Procurement and Inventory Management

           Monetary and Banking Management

           Total Quality Management

           Organizational Development

           Management Information Systems


           Sales & Marketing

           Public Relations

           Negotiation Skills

           Monitoring & Evaluation

           Portfolio Management

           Operations Management

           Investment Management

           Cost Accounting

           Planning and Monitoring


           Business Communication Skills

           Career Planning

           Maintenance Management

           Engineering Applications

           Project Management

           Change management

           Decision Making and Problem Solving

           Training of Trainers and Coaches

           Self Development


           Business Planning