Investment in HR

The two companies later decided to involve TEAM Misr in the prosess, as an external professional training company with more than 40 years of experience in the was selected to conduct relevent training in the Arabic language. Team Misr shares the approach promoted by Midor and Tharwa .

“If we are moving away from the idea of having a single leader in a company to an idea of having a group of leaders managing different divisions, there will be better performance and more effective and efficient decisions.”

Amr Helmi Sallam, Deputy General Manager and Business Development Manager at Team Misr

Yet, “the oil sector in Egypt plays a vital role, one that pulls the economy behind it, [therefore] mistakes being done in oil companies means a lot of wasted resources,” emphasized Amr Helmi Sallam, Deputy General Manager and Business Development Manager at Team Misr.
“We believe that more efficiency would lead to lower costs, and more efficiency will happen through better training,” stated Deputy GM.

It is therefore imperative to create a focused succession strategy, Amr Sallam stressed. He further claimed that “if we are moving away from the idea of having a single leader in a company to an idea of having a group of leaders managing different divisions, there will be better performance and more effective and efficient decisions.”

Seeing through a comparative lens, Deputy GM at Team Misr argued that “during the international financial crisis that took place several years ago, some companies invested more in training as they discovered that many of their managers and leaders were not equipped to handle the crisis efficiently.”

Whereas this rise of awareness was witnessed in other countries, in Egypt, an aptitude for changing the ways in which oil companies approach the concept of people development programs remains to be challenging, according to Amr Sallam. However, “in Midor and
Tharwa I found a different mentality, believing in the role of training, introducing new techniques in management, and in human resources development,” he added.